Esquire Tech: The Sound of Style

Posted on: May 2014
You don’t have to compromise style for sound with SBowers & Wilkin’s 800 Series Diamond speakers by kate hazell Esquire Tech Style conscious audio enthusiasts already know that British company Bowers & Wilkin’s are at the forefront of producing audio products that are as technically brilliant as they are good looking. Their P5 and P3 headphones are already a must-have accessory for the most dapper of gentlemen, so if you’re conscious about what you have hanging around your neck, you probably don’t want to compromise the aesthetic of your living room which is where their 800 Series Diamond speakers come in. Already used by some of the most demanding recording and mastering studios across the globe, including the likes of Abbey Road in London, Deutsche Grammaphon in Berlin and Skywalker Sound in California, when it comes to sound these speakers are outstanding. Each features a teardrop ‘head’ for optimum performance which is moulded from Marlan, a synthetic mineral filled with resin, as well as a driver made from bullet-proof material that has proved to be the ideal medium for audio sound. They also feature the legendary and trademarked Nautilus tapering tube drive technology, which uses tubes that work like horns in reverse, minimising distortion by soaking up excess sound energy from the back of the driver. Each speaker also has a diamond dome

tweeter for the ultimate performance, but what’s really impressive about these speakers is their sleek design finish available in three finishes, Rosenut, Cherrywood and Piano Black Gloss. They also come in a slimmer model, the 802D Loudspeaker, for space-conscious home-owners that still want studio sound. Yet just as importantly, they look as good as they sound.