The Award winning Allegria,  designed by world renowned New York  firm EDAW, is a landmark that is transforming West Cairo and offering a breath of fresh air to the congestion of the Capital. Archimedia is proud to service the amazing project and offer its homeowners the latest in residential technology innovations – designed to enhance their new suburban lifestyle.  

We have taken on the task of pre-designing packages for Allegria home owners with the purpose of making the experience of creating the new homes as effortless and hassle free as possible.

Studying each individual villa type in Allegria, the team at Archimedia has customized home entertainment, automation and security solution offers that have been specifically tailored to each Villa type at a great value. All this with the aim of enabling Allegria residents to enjoy new avenues of home entertainment and control that will change their perception of personal space and transform the way time is spent  in their new home.

Archimedia would be more than pleased to provide owners with upgraded solutions such as dedicated home cinemas, lighting control, single room automation systems, entertainment servers and more that a home owner can experience from concept to reality.

Contact Archimedia for a FREE consultation and make sure to let us know that you are an Allegria resident.