Once the exclusive reserve of movie magnates and the very wealthy, dedicated home cinemas and media rooms are now being built into many homes. Families spend more and more time watching movies, enjoying sporting events, listening to music and playing video games together than ever before. The right room, designed to optimize your experience, has become an absolute necessity.

Our process begins with selecting the most suitable space in your home, and designing it (with the guidance of your interior designer) to meet the highest standards of audiovisual performance as well as aesthetics. This involves not only selecting the grade and color of leather for the chairs and the specific carpeting, but also making the complex acoustic and video configuration calculations that result in selecting the precise equipment to meet your needs. Archimedia’s affiliation with the true pioneers of home cinema, Theo Kalomirakis and TK Theatres, has given us the opportunity to offer a truly unique approach to the design and execution of your home cinema. TK’s creative and scientific approach to the design discipline has resulted in their being the world’s most sought after designers of home cinemas. Archimedia is proud to be able to offer you their unique expertise to make your dedicated home cinema a special space; one that is sure to become your favourite room in the house.