Designing technology to compliment your lifestyle for your home or yacht is a very intimate and detailed process. One of our qualified Designers will curate the process to identify your & your family's preferences, which will then guide the way on how we can utilize technology so it adds value to your life.


Once our Designer has fully understood your lifestyle preferences - he/she will then spend time on the drawing board to develop your custom tailored proposal. 

Our designer will present to you the design that best fits your lifestyle and will work with you to fully understand how it works and how you will functionally benefit from it.  


After signing Archimedia on, the engineering process begins which is a methodical series of steps that our CEDIA engineers take in creating detailed designs for your home or yacht. 

This is the phase where the design is refined and plans, specifications and estimates are finalized.


Archimedia take a scientific approach to managing the projects and achieving objectives, overtime we have developed a framework and defined way of doing things to ensure that there is a structure to the art of project management and that we consistently deliver to our customer's expectations.

Our qualified Project Managers diligently work with all stakeholders throughout the duration of the project to ensure
 delivery of all the agreed upon results. 


Our installation team have been trained to implement all our systems using the industry standards defined by CEDIA and commission every project to assure that systems & components are designed, installed, tested & operated according to the agreed upon functionality defined in the Proposal Development phase.


Throughout the duration of the project journey, your Designer has always been with you during all the various phases.At this stage our Designer will walk through the completed system with you and showcase each of the functionalities that had been agreed upon when this journey has began. And now you can enjoy your very own Archimedia System.