Experience Curator

Job Title: Experience Curator
Archimedia KSA
Archimedia is seeking a passionate Experience Curator to play a key role, in facilitating the customer journey within our experience center, and provide them with an educational experience that opens their eyes to the possibilities available with the use of technology in their homes or yachts.

If you are a person that:
- Has a passion for technology and how it can add value to your everyday life
- Enjoys meeting new people daily
- Can engage clients of all types and social standing in how technology can enhance their lives
- Has a passion for a wide range of movies, music and other recorded arts
- Is a Geek for gadgets and cool stuff
- Enjoys staying up to date on the latest technology trends
- Understands the importance in lending a helping hand for your colleagues

FUN – We love what we do, and we have fun doing it. We measure our success by the fun and enjoyment our customers experience as a result of the work we do for them.
INQUISITIVENESS – In a fast-moving, ever-changing environment, we pride ourselves on always striving to make the unknowns known.
COMPETENCE – Everything we do is unique. Bespoke. An experience tailored to the specific requirements of each individual customer. But despite this, we guarantee to deliver on our promises, on time, every time.
PASSION – We’re never off duty. We live and breathe our work, and this passion is evident at every stage of any of our projects. From concept to design to delivery, we embrace technology and harness it to enhance the quality and enjoyment of our customers’ lives.
ACCOUNTABILITY – At Archimedia, we’re in control. Collectively and individually, we take responsibility and are accountable for each and every one of our projects. We work with honesty and integrity: taking ownership of success is easy, but we pride ourselves on owning our mistakes too.
RELIABILITY – You can rely on us: we don’t make promises we can’t keep. As individuals and as a company, if we say we’ll do it, we’ll do it. And we’ll do it on time.
RESPECT – Our customers are treated with the utmost respect. Respect is integral to everything we do, and comes from within. Colleagues treat each other with dignity: we agree to disagree and accept our differences, as through this comes strength, experience and learning.
INNOVATION – At Archimedia, we don’t stand still. We don’t settle for the ordinary, the everyday. We challenge standard practice with our customized solutions, and are constantly thinking of and developing novel and creative ways to meet our clients needs.

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